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Tranquil Trees Hire Plants brighten your day.... 
Tranquil Trees Plant Hire offers Permanent or Casual hire for your Office, Home, Function, Wedding or Party. Giving your clients, customers, patrons or family a relaxed environment.
If they are at ease and comfortable they will come back again.
Behind the scenes you will be creating a fresh atmosphere and pleasant natural aromas.
We Come To You.....Hire Plants Never Die!!
Tranquil Trees has the knowledge and experience to keep your hire plants in top condition.
Servicing Toowoomba and the surrounding areas Tranquil Trees does all the work for you, with regular service and care making sure the plants are healthy and attractive. NO WORK - NO WORRIES Just enjoy these natural living plants.

Contact Tranquil Trees Plant Hire today and enjoy the tranquillity that indoor plants can bring.

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